Friday, March 30, 2007

Mujhe tum Nazar Se

I have tried to sing this Ghazal.Its indeed a very beautiful ghazal the poetry is really awesome. Do give it a listen and let me know how how did i fare with ghazal singing.

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Deepak Roy Chittajallu said...

Wowww very niceely done Leena !!!!

it was very very soothing !!!!!



Sree said...

Good one Leena keep it up.. visit us when you have time a group audioblog. you can also join if you want to.

Anonymous said...

Very good singing Leena.


Sree said...

Thanks Leena for visiting Cincivoice you are welcome to join us. please email me at we can post your next song in our blog too.. or even this song itself let me know/

Harshan said...

Beautiful singing Leena ...your voice closely resembles lataji. I am sure many people would have told you this by now.

Keep it up ...

Jessica Keyes said...

Unfortunately, this song won't play for me today... I'll check back soon to see if it works later.

Leena, I'm writing my MA thesis on music blogging and I wonder if you would be willing to correspond with me and answer some questions that I have? I'm particularly excited to speak with you because we both live in Canada! You can find my email address in my Blogger profile, please do email me if you're willing to correspond.

Azam Khan said...

Hey Leena,

You have been hiding for too long!

The link to the song is not working! Please update it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leena,
How are you? I just visited your blog but unfortunately, I could not listened to any of your songs. Not playing at all. When you get a chance please check it.

Keep listening(I tried),

Anonymous said...

You have a great voice. Please keep it up. Love to hear more gazals in your voice.

Anonymous said...


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